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"As a woman with chronic illness I have learned having strategies that help me manage my mental health has a tremendous impact on the symptoms of my Multiple Sclerosis." 

Roxanne Marion,
The Mental Health Strategist

Roxanne Marion is a prolific speaker and coach who is passionate about bringing awareness to mental health. As a former Corporate Trainer, and educator, Roxanne gained experience through her positions. They have given her a platform to help others find a solutions for themselves then support them in achieving it.

As the founder of On My Own Terms, LLC, Roxanne is the Mental Health Strategist. Her passion is supporting women living with chronic illness through helping them manage the mental health aspects of their physical diagnosis. Her goal is to help spread awareness of the effects of mental health on chronic illness since she has been there herself. Roxanne believes more awareness will help create an understanding that peoples' physical health coincides on their mental wellness.

Attention to this matter can only lead to understanding, compassion, and a better appreciation for the need to learn strategies to manage mental health. Roxanne uses her personal experiences as a guideline for time-tested strategies. She believes that suicide has become an ever-growing epidemic. As an advocate for suicide prevention, Roxanne realizes that attention to mental health has increased, but ways to handle mental health such as depression, anxiety, suicidal ideations, etc., has not been as prominent.

Roxanne has written three books on Mental Health and Wellness.10 Ways to Overcome Suicidal Thoughts and Beat Depression in 2019. Coping with Cabin Fever, Anxiety, and Depression, and Lessons Learned: Small Victories Lead to Big Wins Against Depression & Anxiety. She has also appeared on Fox 24 Charleston and facilitated her own Wellness Workshop in 2020 in the Charleston, SC Metro area.


Roxanne has also written several articles. They include: Telltale Signs of Burnout and How to Take Action and What You Need To Know About Taking a Mental Health Day, to name a few. Let Roxanne speak to your foundations, organizations, or support groups. She will help give insight into how mental health affects the chronic illness. Roxanne is presently accepting new coaching clients and is open to speaking engagements.

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