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Elijah Ward

ChronoForms 3.1 For Joomla Site Cookbook Book And EBook.12

I am normally very reluctant to pick up a book, since I have been quite disappointed to find that some just give you the features of a component and don't show what they will really do for you, or how you should use them. So, it was with great skepticism that I picked up this book. But, let me tell you right now, my skepticism has been put to rest. This is by far the best technical book I have picked up in 2010. As it says in its title, it is a cookbook, and no space is wasted. This book is packed with information, from cover to cover. Reading through it, I thought this book should not only be read by people setting up forms, but it could also be read to get inspiration on what forms can really do for you. Author Bob James has cooked up 80 recipes with various ways you can use and set up forms. And, if I thought I knew Chronoforms, I have found that I have barely scratched the surface.

ChronoForms 3.1 for Joomla site Cookbook book and eBook.12


Reading through the 80 recipes, I have learned of capabilities I was not even aware of in ChronoForms, and I have gotten many ideas on how forms can be used. I find this book to be a highly valuable tool for not only site builders, but also for IT professionals to get inspiration on how forms can be used with Joomla!.

So, overall again, this book is packed with excellent information, laid out in a format where users with little knowledge can set up complex and highly interactive forms. It contains many examples that have highly inspirational value. This is one book a Joomla! website builder should not be without, as it helps extend the value of any Joomla! install.


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