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Elijah Ward

Activex For Firefox Mac

This function is working fine in IE but its breaking in mozilla firefox at the first line itself. I changed locator.ConnectServer(".") to locator.ConnectServer("MACHINE") but still its not working in Mozilla Firefox.

Activex For Firefox Mac

Q. How do I enable ActiveX on mac? A. In the above article I have explained how to enable activex in Chrome, Firefox browsers. The steps to enable in mac must also be the same. There might be chances that the options are moved but the process is the same.

I realize that I am in the minority here, but personally I do not install ANY firefox plugins ( -writing-firefox-extensions-can-scare-you-away-from-them/). Every single chrome extension I install I first check the privacy policy, and if it asks for anything out of the ordinary I do not install it. There is a very good chance that web development could become the be-all standard of programming, but in order for that to happen leading browsers like ff have to get their privacy controls sorted. Someday I will not be in the minority, people will realize how insecure the web is, and demand comprehensive controls over their data flow. Why wait until something bad happens? Or worse, why kill the ultimate IDE that the browser could become, before it even has a real chance?

Rob: Brett is not developing for himself. There is at least one other personfor which he is developing: ME.I have use what Brett accomplished, it does not decrease the securityof the firefox I am using, and allowed me to implement apps using webtechnologies, without which I had instead to revert to proprietary, lessportable technologies.


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