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Elijah Ward
Elijah Ward

Meldaproduction Mdrummer Large 4 [PORTABLE]

in this video, i will show you how you can create a drum track on the fly and add patterns to it with mdrummer. the process i use is illustrated in the video above. i use the standard vst version of drummer, because it is one of the best ones out there and has many options. if you are using a different version, then you will probably have to customize it a bit, but as long as you create the drum tracks and patterns, it should be ok.

meldaproduction mdrummer large 4

i have done this tutorial with the meldaproduction 4.0.0 version of drummer, but i also have a video with the meldaproduction 4.1.0 version. the major change between the two is that version 4 has a redesigned mixer. the new mixer has many new features, like the ability to pan the individual tracks separately, but the changes are mainly made to make things easier. so i can say that meldaproduction has always been easy to use, and it will remain easy to use, so don't worry. let's get started. at first, open the drummer window as shown in the video above. make sure that the preview is enabled and that the midi playback is enabled.

first i pick a sound from the sound library. a good choice is the wood drum. if you are starting with mdrummer, then you probably know that the drum sounds can also be saved to your hard drive. in the upper right corner, you will see an icon like this one.

what i think is the most impressive thing about mdrummer is that the sound designer can literally get a very good drum track within seconds. mdrummer's the ability to create custom skins and drum kits is a breeze. i was also impressed with the user interface. if you can change a single parameter, mdrummer will allow you to do that. for example, you can edit a patch as if you were inside of a drumset, edit the velocities, levels, panning, and everything else. it's a huge advantage over other drum machines.


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