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More than a self-help tool, this is an authentic, practical guidebook that will help you or your loved ones begin to combat suicidal depression with guidelines, tips, and real-life advice from an author who has had the same struggles and survived. Accessible, thoughtful, and practical, 10 Ways to Overpower Suicidal Thoughts and Beat Depression is a small, but powerful book with the 10 steps that helped author Roxanne Postell with her battle against suicidal depression. This book offers steps and advice for you or your loved one to feel supported and an easy, on-hand way to help conquer any depressive state that you might encounter. In today’s society there is a checklist and a guidebook for just about everything you can imagine, so why hasn’t there been one to guide you out of a dangerous state of mind? This book will give you the moment you need to reevaluate and remember that there is a lot more to life and it is worth living. Just like this isn’t another self-help book, author Roxanne Postell isn’t like other authors. Having attempted suicide more than once in the past and struggled with depression, Roxanne decided to identify, write down, and share the things that saved her so many times from taking her own life. This book is intended to be a guide to help you or your loved ones remember that there isn’t a single, easy solution to winning this battle, but there are steps and things that you can do to overcome these powerful, suicidal thoughts, and it starts with this book.

10 Ways to Overpower Suicidal Thoughts and Beat Depression

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