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"Helping current and evolving leaders identify signs so they can support them successfully in managing their mental health in the workplace.

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Roxanne addresses issues others find difficult to discuss.  She has earned a reputation as an authority on strategies to manage mental health in the workplace.  There is strength when career professionals take what they have learned through her keynote, workshops, and coaching and recognize they can make a difference in another’s life by eliminating limiting beliefs that keep their hands tied. By stepping up when someone else is struggling, leaders put an end to questioning whether they have what it takes to impact people who want to manage mental health in the workplace and just do the work.


Collegiate Speaking

 The pandemic, civil unrest, and political divisiveness have highlighted the need for further attention to mental health. Whether it be depression, anxiety, or self-harm organizations need to be prepared to address it. The truth is, occasionally, any part of life may disrupt the ability to deal with one’s mental health in or out of the workplace. Roxanne brings practical steps to get through moments of mental health. She believes that people can be at home or the workplace and still need a proactive plan on how to handle mental health. The important thing is to be prepared for anything and that is what Roxanne does through coaching.

How do people get the help needed when confronted with mental health An increasing number of companies have found addressing mental health in the workplace a challenge. The support that is needed for employees has led Roxanne to prepare emerging leaders at the university level so they are aware of what future challenges they might encounter. Whether it is depression, anxiety, or any form of self-harm, with high energy and consciousness of the subject matter Roxanne will raise awareness on how to manage mental health in the workplace.

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Meet Roxanne

Roxanne Marion is an engaging speaker who is very devoted to bringing awareness to suicide prevention and helping women with other aspects of mental wellness. As the founder of On My Own Terms, LLC, Roxanne is the Mental Health Strategist. Her purpose is to give insight into how to rework the world around you because of situations with depression, anxiety, or suicidal thoughts. Roxanne empowers women by giving them strategies to manage their mental health. Her ultimate goal is to help spread suicide prevention awareness to others because she has been there herself.

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You deserve an employer that prioritizes mental health in the workplace.

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"Awareness can only lead to understanding, compassion, and a better appreciation for life."

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