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Disclosure: On My Own Terms, LLC is not licensed in the medical or psychology fields. The advice given is from personal experience using formulas, systems, and guides. Interaction with employees of On My Own Terms LLC are not prescriptive but are high tried and true recommendations.

Wellness You Academy

Achieve success in managing your mental health

Six-week course with live coaching


Personal strategies that work for you


Define a system for debilitating depression


Based on the 5R framework


After this course, you will be able to manage your mental health


Angels Don't Fly

Mental Health Survival Kit

Resiliency: Through the Eyes of Chronic Illness


Learn how to maintain your mental health

Address depression, anxiety, suicidal ideation or self-harm

Know you're not alone in this 

Learn from years of experience practical steps that will help you get through moments of mental health

Coming Soon


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