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Angels Don't Fly

Imagine having four tools that you can use every day to keep your mental health on track and not let it derail your plans. After listening to this talk, you'll know when it's time to ask for help with your mental health before things get too tough. You'll also learn how to stay strong and independent while still reaching out for support.

On this journey together you'll discover steps you can take when you feel anxious, hopelessness, or moments when panic tries to take over. By the end of our chat, you'll be all set to stop your mental health from leading you into a world of sadness. So, get ready to learn and grow – because you've got this!

Speaker Bio

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Hi friends! My name is Roxanne Marion, and I'm the founder of On My Own Terms, LLC., through which I am an inspirational speaker. Twenty-three years ago, when I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, I saw an increase in my symptoms of depression. It wasn’t anything I hadn’t struggled with before, but the heaviness seemed more challenging to carry. That's when I realized managing mental health is as important as taking care of the physical symptoms of MS. Preplanning for moments I might struggle with managing my mental health became a priority. From it, On My Own Terms, LLC was born.

This is why I speak to associations and nonprofits.

My goal is to change how people with chronic illnesses prioritize their physical symptoms of chronic illness and encourage them to have a plan to help manage how overwhelming the mental health part of being diagnosed with a chronic illness is. Then, they can live life with grace and grit.

You can find me traveling, photography, and writing when I am not speaking. I look forward to connecting and being a part of your next event so that we can empower people to proactively manage their mental health.

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