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the interesting thing about racism is how it seems to be under-researched. we have an entire industry devoted to racial politics and identities, but we dont seem to have much empirical data (though we have some surprisingly awful information from countries like brazil), which makes it very hard to tell whether the situation is improving.

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if you go to real estate sites like zillow or trulia, you will often find a nice little button at the bottom of the page for neighborhoods where: x percent of the population are people of y ethnicity, where x is typically very high or about 50%. often when you click on this button, youll get a brief popup with a map and some statistics about the neighborhood.

so there you have it. my plan is to spend 1/2 my yearly grocery store budget on going to the store rather than using a self-checkout, and instead focus on my natural propensity towards being a cheap and lazy lumbering beast. wish me luck.

back to the original question, i think that this is a gigantic black and white issue. on one hand, i am really interested in the interaction between people of different races, and particularly in cultures where i dont live. on the other hand, i am actually quite happy being a racist, since whites have historically had one of the most racist and best-exploited groups on the planet, and the sheer numbers of poor and oppressed blacks has long made my life far less risky than it would be for even the wealthiest white in any developed nation. i think that my personal feelings as to the relative benefit of being white would vary massively from person to person. i only know what i have experienced, and, like the comment above, i dont think that one is inherently better than the other.


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