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UCLA Students ?undie Run ? Students Strip To Underwear After Studying Too much

Undie Run began in 2002 when sophomore Eric Whitehead rounded up 12 friends to join him in an underwear-only run during finals week. At the end of each subsequent quarter, an increasing number of students arrived to follow Whitehead, who sported flesh-colored shorts and a frog hat. He clutched a broomstick with a pair of boxers dangling from one end.

UCLA students “undie run” — students strip to underwear after studying too much

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Students spend their money on undies and booze as a break from their busy finals schedule. This year about 1,000 students showed up in to take a frigid run. The numbers are down a little from the last run, but that didn't seem to phase these freezing co-eds. The quarterly run took place this past Wednesday, in case you missed it.

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